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Own a Legal Cannabis Company

Chad & Brad Family NFT Collection is a group of 5,555 unique characters focused on the famous Chad & Brad stereotypes that are currently plaguing the cannabis industry. The 5 main characters that are here to take over are Chad, Brad, Chad's little brother Thad, Brad's little brother Bryce and of course the financier, Chad's Dad. Follow the family as they own and operate their very own legal cannabis company.

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Our Roadmap

Phase 1 Live

Mint the Family

Minting of 5,555 Unique Chad & Brad Family Members will take place at a date to be announced soon. Our pre-sale will open 72 hours prior to the public mint for all Whitelisted members.

Phase 2 Live

Launch $CHADX

20% of the crypto brought in from Mint will be added to a $CHADX liquidity pool. All Chad & Brad Family Members will receive access and become the first holders of the coin.


Expand Operations

Our main goal is to expand our current legal operations by adding a 2nd & 3rd location. We have some great collabs in store with top leading cannabis industry brands and influencers.

Phase 4

Web Cartoon Series

Join the Family as they Start up and operate their very own Legal Cannabis Empire! All Chad & Brad Holders will get a chance to see their favorite character come to life in our Web Series.

Phase 5

Family Rewards

All Chad & Brad Family Members will be eligible to be airdropped Future Rewards, receive Free Merch from Chad & Brad on top of Discounts on real world products and any future digital products.


Virtual Dispensary

Foundation Delivery is joining the Metaverse, our #1 Retail Location will launch inside the Metaverse for all to enjoy! We will purchase plots of land once the project sells out and begin setting up shop.

Why Choose Us?

Passive Rewards

Family Members are eligible to be the very first holders of our Reward Token backed by a multi-license holding Legal California Cannabis Company. The main benefit being the ability to stake for passive rewards.

Product Discounts

Owners of Chad & Brad Family NFT's are entitled to a 20% Lifetime Discount with our Foundation Delivery Retail Locations in California. We also plan to bring in additional partner locations across the USA.

VIP Private Events

All holders gain VIP Access to Private Events in Palm Springs and Las Vegas thrown by us and our partners at Epic Raves and Lavish Entertainment. As long as you are a holder you will always have a VIP ticket.

Minting Milestones

As the project continues to mint, here are some of the milestones to look forward to and what you can expect from the project as we continue to bridge the gap between IRL cannabis and web3.

10% Launch reward token ($chadX)

As promised since the inception of the Chad & Brad Family NFT Collection, 20% of all mint proceeds and additional royalties will be added to the liquidity pool of $CHADX to create a sustainable ecosystem for our holders. For more information on the Tokenomics click here

20% launch online merch store

The Chad & Brad Family Merch Line features a variety of items and aims to continue the reverence for fashion, music, movies and food associated with the cannabis lifestyle. The hoodies and T-shirts found in the collection feature project & cannabis specific designs.  

50% Deploy staking multiplier contract

Early investors that continue to expand their collection will be rewarded each time they acquire a "full family" with a multiplier on their passive staking. A full family consists of holding one of each of the following family members in your wallet: Chad, Brad, Thad, Bryce & Dad. 


15% Deploy Passive staking contract

All holders of a Family Member are able to passively stake their NFT to earn their fair share of $CHADX. You need to do nothing other than hold the NFT in your wallet to be able to earn you rewards. Each NFT you own will accrue 5 $CHADX Token Daily which can be used to claim Family Rewards!

25% launch staking claim dapp

Although holders are currently earning and accruing $CHADX, the ability to claim will be held back until this milestone is met. This gives early holders time to accrue enough token that it makes sense financially to claim your rewards as gas fees will be charged for this action. 

75% Hold first irl holder's smoke sesh

We have secured an event location in Coachella, CA that will accommodate up to 500 guests. We will utilize this property to hold exclusive IRL events for our holders with all the top cannabis brands in California. Holders can attend the event free of charge and have access to vendors. 

100% begin irl expansion & open metaverse dispensary

We have acquired land in multiple metaverses including The Otherside by Yuga Labs. With our IRL company already licensed and established, we have a unique opportunity to become an early mover in the Web3 Cannabis space. As we continue to expand IRL and increase our reach nationwide, we will have the ability to fulfill real-world orders across the country from a localized metaverse location. 

Mint Details



WL Only


Plus Gas

  • Limited to 1st 500 Members
  • 2,500 Pre-Sale Supply
  • Max 10 Mints per Wallet
  • Mint Date: CLOSED
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Chads Dad Base Character Full Body

Public sale

All Members


Plus Gas

  • Open to the Public
  • 5,555 Total Mint Supply
  • Max 50 Mints per Wallet 
  • Mint Date: NOW LIVE!
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Meet the Team

With 8 years of "professional" cannabis manufacturing experience, Travis brings a scientific background in Organic Chemistry to the team. Travis has held the position of Lab Director and Chief Chemist at multiple legal cannabis operations before co-founding Chad Enterprises in 2019.

Travis Avatar
Travis - COO Chadington Bear

Kevin brings 9 years of professional cannabis retail operations experience to the Chad & Brad Team! From 2012-2017 Kevin managed and built the #1 operating retail location in Coachella Valley. With expertise in graphic design and digital marketing, Kevin is our go-to for launching all new projects.

KC Avatar
Kevin - CEO KC The Dude

With 5 years of professional cannabis general business operations, James has had the pleasure of taking part in almost every aspect of the Cannabis industry from seed to sale! When in doubt, James is the man you want leading your team to victory with boots on the ground and joint in hand.

Jimmy Avatar
James - President DabMasterWax

Jonathan, aka ‘Sweaty Yeti,’ grew up an athlete. Following a short stint in the US Navy. He dove into the world of fitness and nutrition…and back to marijuana. His love for weed continues as he takes on his role in community outreach and marketing with the Chad & Brad Family. 

Community Manager Sweaty Yeti

Nick, aka 'Truth In The Source,' has a vast knowledge in the space ranging from, wallet protection, social authentication and has been brought on to manage collaborations and metaverse ventures while bringing positive vibes and hard questions to the forefront of Web3.

Collaboration Manager Truth In The Source
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